Papua New Guinea riots and major disruption killed several people

Papua New Guinea riots

Papua New Guinea riots and major disruption killed several people

Massive peace order disruption and riots erupted in Papua New Guinea when police went on strike over a pay dispute. Meanwhile, people protested over the high inflation rate and unemployment.

Therefore, rallies became violent without a police force. It resulted in the deaths of several people. There are at least 15 people died in Papua New Guinea as a result of riots and violent protests. According to an update from authorities, eight people lost their lives in the capital Port Moresby. However, seven more died in Lae in the country’s north.

A TV video showed thousands of people walking around Port Moresby. Many of them looked like they were carrying looted goods. A group of people set fire to a police car outside of Prime Minister James Marape’s office. Black smoke filled the city.

According to the Chinese embassy, Chinese-owned businesses were attacked, and an undefined number of Chinese citizens were injured. They represented “serious concerns” to Papua New Guinea due to riots. There was beating, smashing, looting, and burning in several Chinese shops.

The embassy advises Chinese people and organizations in Papua New Guinea to stay alert to the local security situation. It urged them to take extra safety measures, avoid going on trips that are not necessary, and stay away from crowded places to keep themselves safe.

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However, Papua PM James Marape stated at a press conference that more police forces had flown into Port Moresby and that the situation in the capital calmed down.

Meanwhile, PM James said police officers were not at work yesterday in the city. Therefore, people resorted to lawlessness, not all people, but most people in certain parts of our city.

According to the Post Courier newspaper, soldiers have been dispatched to help restore law and order. Furthermore, law enforcement agencies have sent military vehicles to the streets in a show of strength.

Police officers went on strike on Jan 10, 2024, after noticing their salaries cut. A city official informed local radio station FM100 that the city had “lost control” without police.

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