Petter Dutton slams Woolworths on Australia Day product decision

Petter Dutton slams Woolworths

Petter Dutton slams Woolworths on Australia Day product decision

Opposition Leader Petter Dutton slams the Australian supermarket company Woolworths over its decision not to sell Australia Day products. He has urged Australians to boycott Woolworths after the company revealed its decision to stop selling Australia Day-themed merchandise.

Peter has expressed his disappointment with Woolworths’ decision to discontinue their Australia Day product collection, siding with the majority of Australians.

He urges people to shop at IGA, Coles, or Aldi instead of Woolworths until the company changes its ways. He doesn’t think people should support them. According to him, the CEOs of Woolworths are making these stupid choices to please the Prime Minister.

Furthermore, he remarked that Woolworths started taking political positions to oppose Australia Day as against the national interest and spirit.

Peter said If it’s Woolworth’s decision not to celebrate Australia Day, that’s not something he agrees with. But that’s their decision that he respects.

He stated that it should be left to customers to select whether or not to purchase Australia Day merchandise. If they don’t want to celebrate Australia Day, that’s a decision for them, but he thinks people should boycott Woolworths.

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Peter urged Woolworths’ CEO to re-correct the “bad decision” that had harmed the supermarket’s brand and embarrassed its employees. He also insisted that Prime Minister Anthony Albanese should intervene.

However, all this came after a Woolworths Group spokesperson said the company would not sell merchandise products associated with an Australia Day theme. He acknowledged that it sells Australian flags all year. But it will no longer offer more products. In recent years, there has been a gradual decline in demand for Australia Day merchandise from our stores.

After the statement of Woolworths spokesperson, Petter Dutton slams Woolworths and urges Australians to boycott Woolworths products. Although Aussies celebrate Australia Day every Jan 26. Thus, the famous supermarket Woolworths used to sell additional Australia Day-themed merchandise products that they have turned down this year.

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