Melbourne man accused of sexual acts at St Kilda Beach

Melbourne man accused of sexual acts

Melbourne man accused of sexual acts at St Kilda Beach

A 52-year-old man from Heidelberg Heights, a suburb in Melbourne, has been arrested and accused of performing sexual acts to teenage girls. Victoria Police has charged him with 13 serious sexual offenses.

The charges came from allegations due to a man’s involvement in a sexual act in front of two teenage girls. These alleged incidents happened separately with both girls in various places in different years 2022 and then 2023.

The charges against the alleged man are strictly formidable and diverse. It includes his sexual activity in the presence of minor children, sexual exposure, and committing offenses while on bail.

Victoria Police have also arrested him following community tips regarding two sexual assaults that occurred in the beachside suburb. They arrested him in Preston, another suburb in Melbourne.

The cases leading to the investigation and charges happened on Dec 26, 2022, along Beaconsfield Parada in Middle Park and on Jan 8, 2023, near St Kilda Beach.

In both cases, there are allegations that the man exposed himself sexually and performed an immodest act. Therefore, Victoria Police has accused the Melbourne man of serious sexual acts.

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Victoria Police have appealed to the public to help them capture the alleged man to pursue further investigation. The spokesperson of Victoria police said they received information from the community after their appeal, which helped them with the inquiry.

Furthermore, Victoria Police seized the items from the home of the suspect. Although, they did not disclose the details of these items. However, police have kept hidden the identity of the accused man.

Despite the serious nature of the alleged crimes, the accused man has been granted bail. He is scheduled to appear before the Melbourne Magistrates Court on January 29, 2024.

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