Rafah crisis: Israeli airstrike near Kuwait Hospital killed Palestinians

Rafah crisis

Rafah crisis: Israeli airstrike near Kuwait Hospital killed Palestinians

The deadliest Israeli airstrike hit the residential areas near Kuwait Hospital and created a humanitarian crisis in Rafah. The Kuwait Hospital rushed with dead bodies and wounded patients after airstrike.

According to reports, there are around 20 Palestinians have died and 55 people have injured. Ambulances quickly brought the wounded to the hospital. However, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have not said anything about it yet.

According to the U.N. humanitarian agency, there are around 100,000 Palestinians have moved to the busy southern Gaza city of Rafah in the last few days. Even though there was a lot of fighting going on in many parts of Gaza, Rafah had not seen as much.

However, an Israeli missile hit Rafah near Kuwaiti Hospital resulting in a deep humanitarian crisis and chaos. A large number of Palestinians have been displaced as a result of this airstrike. Rescuers are searching for airstrike survivors.

Drone footage showing the aftermath of an Israeli air strike on Rafah

Israel raids Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza and urges Hamas to surrender

This strike in Rafah came when Israeli forces intensified their attacks in southern Gaza against Hamas militants. They carried out various strikes in Khan Younis, the largest city in the south of Gaza.

Israeli forces forced Palestinians to leave this area before launching strikes in Khan Younis. However, thousands of people reached Rafah to keep themselves safe from intense fighting between Hamas and Israel. But, later on, IDF launched a strike on a densely populated residential area in Rafah.

About 2.2 million people in Gaza have been displaced due to the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel since Oct 7, 2023. Those seeking refuge near the Kuwait Hospital in southern Gaza have limited options as the hospital is less than a mile from Gaza’s border with Egypt. Unfortunately, Egypt has kept its border closed.

The border crossing in the city is important for humanitarian aid to enter Gaza. Despite advising people to move to certain areas, Israel continues bombing those locations.

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