State Bank launched Sunwai portal to report bank complaints easily

State Bank launched Sunwai app

State Bank launched Sunwai portal to report bank complaints easily

State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has launched the Sunwai app to make it easy for everyone to complain about banks and other financial institutions. Financial institutions include microfinance banks (MFs), and development finance institutions (DFIs).

People can easily file their complaints against banks, MFs, or DFIs with relevant platforms by rules and regulations. SBP has marked a milestone by launching Sunwai Customer Service which will entertain the queries of complainers rather quickly than the previously established method to register bank complaints to Bank Mohtasib.

Before the State Bank launched Sunwai, if you had a complaint about a bank, you had to go through a strict and long process. They had to register bank complaints to Banking Mohtasib after waiting for 45 days in case the bank didn’t resolve their queries.

After waiting for 45 days, they were able to register their complaint by filling out the form. They needed to get this form signed and attested by an Oath Commissioner.

However, the launch of Sunwai has now made the process of registering bank complaints has made it hassle-free, unlike the earlier process. You can access the Sunwai website anytime and there is also a mobile app on Google Play and the App Store.

State Bank launched Sunwai

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You can easily download the Sunwai app or access the website and report your complaints by signing up with your short and fast details like your phone number, and CNIC number. State Bank has also provided a video tutorial to guide you through the process.

Google Play store app link:

Apple Store app link:

How does Sunwai portal work?

  • Sunwai follows a three-step procedure to resolve the bank complaints. In the first step, the complainer files a complaint by just filling in a few simple and quick questions in the Sunwai App. As a result, complaints submitted through the Sunwai portal will be filed forward to banks.
  • In the second step, if banks fail to resolve the complaints, then the complaint would be transferred to Banking Mohstasib.
  • In case, Mohtasib Bank fails to not resolve your complaint, then you will be able to use the third and last option of the State Bank of Pakistan. State Bank will entertain your complaint in special circumstances.

You can visit the official website to get further details at State Bank of Pakistan has taken effective steps to improve bank complaint handling by launching Sunwai.

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