Male prison guards stripped teenage girl at Youngster Prison YOI

Male prison guards stripped teenage girl

Male prison guards stripped teenage girl at Youngster Prison YOI

Male prison guards have pushed down and stripped vulnerable teenage girl at Wetherby Young Offender Institution (YOI) in West Yorkshire. According to the investigation, a girl in YOI was forced and undressed by an all-male squad of guards at least twice.

Human rights organizations have asked for the removal of all female criminals from YOI Wetherby in West Yorkshire by the shocking revelation of the chief inspector of prisons.

The chief inspector, Charlie Taylor, conducted this investigation. He stated they were deeply shocked to find adult male prison guards who retrained and stripped a highly vulnerable teenage girl not once, but twice.

Charlie stated guards undoubtedly acted to prevent serious harm. However, the presence of multiple men pushing her down and removing her clothes will have caused additional trauma. The YOI has no excuse for why female officers were not present.

Furthermore, Charlie said there was no effective model of custody for extremely vulnerable youngsters at the YOI. Meanwhile, the prison service stated that their prisoner staff would use restraints carefully (handcuffing or strapping). Their staff will get additional training.

Male prison guards stripped teenage girl

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According to the investigation, officers restrained the girl while she attempted self-harm but failed to ensure the presence of a female officer. The investigation also discovered the use of pain-inducing tactics, illegal strip checks, and cold cells at Wetherby. This jail center has the highest harm rates.

Prisoners at Wetherby YOI are among the most difficult and vulnerable in the United Kingdom. They include minors serving extremely long or life sentences—the prisoners of Wetherby YOI houses who have received a jail sentence aged 15 to 21.

The investigative also revealed an extremely high incidence of self-harm with regular nighttime calls to staff to stop attempts and a huge number of attacks on prison staff. Inspector Charlie praised the efforts of the dedicated governor of the jail to make YOI more stable. However, he criticized the number of managers who are 91 for an institution with 165 youngster prisoners.

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