Ram makeup artist walked out after Shahrukh’s insulting remarks

Ram makeup artist walked out

Ram makeup artist walked out after Shahrukh’s insulting remarks

Makeup artist of Tamil actor Ram Charan, Zeba Hassan walked out of the Ambani party after Shahrukh disrespectfully called Ram on stage. The controversial moment came when three Bollywood Khans Salman, Shahrukh, and Amir were giving a dance performance on stage.

People witnessed three Khans come together on stage after many years as they performed. The trio attempted the hook step from Ram Charan’s song, Naatu Naatu. Meanwhile, Shahrukh (SRK) called Ram Charan to join them to perform the song’s hook step together on stage.

Shahrukh Khan brought Ram on stage while saying a few insensitive words jokingly. Ram’s makeup artist, Zeba Hassan said she is a huge SRK fan but disliked the way Shahrukh called Ram Charan on stage.

Zeba expressed disappointment with SRK. In her Instagram stories, she quoted SRK’s remarks “Bhend idly vada Ram Charan kahan hai tu in Tamil language. It means idli (name of south Indian food item), Ram Charan where are you). She wrote it was so disrespectful to a star like Ram Charan. Hence, the makeup artist of Ram Charan walked out of Ambani’s party.

Ram makeup artist walked out

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She also posted on her Instagram that it is funny how everyone wants to pay them less because they are from South India. But they are willing to pay triple the amount for the same thing to an artist based in Delhi or Mumbai. However, she later deleted her posts.

Meanwhile, the netizens also seemed upset that Shahrukh referred to Ram Charan as “idli.” According to netizens, Shahrukh is insensitive by referring to Ram as Idli. They are considering the actor’s remark as a racial stereotype against South Indians. Moreover, some netizens considered Shahrukh selfish after a South Indian director delivered him the biggest hit of his career.

However, celebrities from all across the country and world attended Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s three-day pre-wedding celebrations in Jamnagar.

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