Kenyan police shot dead young man Rex Masai in Anti-Finance Bill protest

Kenyan police shot dead young man Rex Masai

Kenyan police shot dead young man Rex Masai in Anti-Finance Bill protest

Kenyan police officer shot dead a young man named Rex Kanyike Masai at around 7 p.m. during a protest against Finance Bill 2024. This shooting incident happened in Moi Avenue, Nairobi.

The dead victim was 29-years-old. Aerial film shooting captured the event as protesters gathered outside a club on Moi Avenue. Before moving to the club, they protested at Kenyatta Avenue and City Hall Way before the police kicked them out from here.

Eyewitnesses claim that a cop shot bullets into crowded protestors, which hit Rex. As a result, Rex received a fatal shot in his leg. Even though protestor allies rushed him to Bliss Hospital Moi Avenue to save him, he could not survive his fatal injuries and ultimately died.

According to Kenyan police, a cop wearing plain clothes shot dead young man Rex Masai. However, they claimed their investigation regarding the fatal shooting of Rex is underway. They have not revealed the identity of the shooter cop.

Following the shooting of Rex Masai, his sad and upset parents with other protestors met at the mortuary to mourn his death. Massive Kenyans are expressing frustration and anger over the death of Rex.

They are running a massive online campaign against the death of Rex and praying for him to find peace in the afterlife. The deceased Rex Masai participated in the “Occupy Parliament” movement as part of widespread protests against Finance Bill 2024.

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Meanwhile, Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome warned protestors against disrupting law and order in the city. On the other hand, protestors vowed to intensify their protests due to controversial tax proposals in the Finance Bill.

The Occupy Parliament movement gained momentum as Finance Bill 2024 moved through Parliament. It prepared the ground for additional discussion and possible revisions the next week.

Following this, President William Ruto emphasized that protestors could not block institutional decision-making. He is committed to implementing Finance Bill 2024 despite receiving massive resistance from the public and several parliamentarians.

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