Kenyans running massive online campaign to reject Finance Bill 2024

Kenyans running massive online campaign

Kenyans running massive online campaign to reject Finance Bill 2024

Thousands of Kenyans are running a massive online campaign by texting and calling MPs to reject Finance Bill 2024. Following this campaign, several Kenyan members of parliament (MPs) have received unimaginable phone calls and messages from the public.

Kenyans are informing MPs about their stand on Finance Bill 2024. Social media users of Twitter X have been sharing numbers with the public, urging them to pressure Kenyan legislators to reject this Bill. Social media influencers and bloggers have boosted this campaign.

Some Kenyan lawmakers, including Peter Salasya, have responded following this widespread campaign. Peter complained about this campaign on Instagram, claiming he barely slept due to his phone’s continuing vibration, owing to the bombardment of messages and calls.

He also asked who shared his number on X. Everybody is texting and calling his number on WhatsApp across Kenya. He could not sleep as his phone was vibrating throughout the night.

Peter also said Kenyans would shave his beard if he voted for Finance Bill 2024. He laughed and said Kenyans have mobilized to teach us a lesson the hard way for the first time. Keeping it in consideration, he vowed to reject Fiance Bill 2024.

Meanwhile, Migori Woman Representative Fatuma Zainab has also vowed to reject this bill. She also confirmed she received a large number of messages.

Fatuma has gone through them and would not support Finance Bill 2024. She said she was waking up to several messages from concerned Kenyans asking her to reject Bill.

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Hence, Fatuma wants to clarify that she has opposed this Bill from day one. She also called Bill a “scam.” According to her, this Bill presents a dangerous threat to the survival of the common public.

So, the massive online campaign the Kenyans have been running has created a successful impact since the government presented a bill on May 9, 2024. They are rejecting this Bill due to massive tax imposition on them.

However, Finance Bill 2024 has yet to be approved by Kenyan lawmakers. Hence, Kenyans are urging MPs to reject its implementation.

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