Pat Cummins challenges Nathan Lyon to beat Shane’s record

Pat Cummins gives challenge to Nathan Lyon

Pat Cummins challenges Nathan Lyon to beat Shane’s record

Australian captain Pat Cummins challenges Nathan Lyon to beat the record of Australian bowler Shane Warne. Pat believes that Nathan can still play four or five years of Test cricket and break the record of Shane.

Pat is confident that spinner Nathan is capable of taking 700 Test wickets and can play for four or five years to break Shane’s record. He expressed his thoughts after Nathan reached the 500 Test Wickets milestone in yesterday’s match against Pakistan.

Nathan Lyon becomes the 8th spinner to take 500 wickets

Nathan bowled his way into the “500 Wickets Club” which makes him 8th overall and the 3rd Aussie to hit the spin-fantastic milestone. In this regard, Pat Cummins challenges Nathan Lyon to break the record of Shane.

Nathan Lyon reached the 500 Test Wickets Mark in the Aus v Pak Test Match Series 2023

Pat stated that he thinks Nathan has still got 40,50 Test matches to break Shane Warne’s Australia record of 708 wickets. He said it to Nathan at a joint press conference after defeating Pakistan by 1-0.

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Pat expressed it when a media reporter asked Nathan if he had seen the list of the seven bowlers ahead of him on the all-time Test list. Nathan replied he failed in mathematics in school. He is not very good with numbers. Pat and he figured it out at the time when they were batting at Edgbaston. He has no idea.

Pat instantly responded saying he (Nathan) knows exactly who he ticks off every time. He addressed Nathan and said that;’s four or five years with ten (Tests) per year. What do you think your average is? Four per game? That brings the total to 700.

Furthermore, Pat said if Nathan played 50 more tests, he would be well on his way to breaking Shane’s record of 700 test wickets. He praised the performances of Nathan and described him as an important player in the bowling attack.

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