Dawood Ibrahim is hospitalized in Karachi, Indian media claims

Dawood Ibrahim hospitalized in Karachi

Dawood Ibrahim is hospitalized in Karachi, Indian media claims

Indian media claims that the underworld Don Dawood Ibrahim has been hospitalized in Karachi hospital possibly due to poisoning. According to speculations, Dawood is in hospital as someone has given him poison.

However, it is important to mention that Pakistan government has not officially confirmed this news. According to several Indian sources, Dawood Ibrahim is under strict security within the hospital.

A local Pakistani journalist Arzoo Kazmi allegedly reported on Dec 17, 2023, that Dawood Ibrahim had been poisoned and hospitalized. She said there has been a communication blackout suggesting that the shutdown of the internet and social media in Pakistan has made it difficult to verify the story.

Arzoo further stated that no one knows who was responsible for the alleged poisoning and that there is no way to know if Dawood Ibrahim is alive or dead.

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Hence we are not able to verify the authenticity of this news. However, Indian authorities have long maintained that Dawood resides in Karachi’s upscale Clifton area. Pakistan has consistently rejected this claim.

Dawood Ibrahim was a “global terrorist” by the governments of India and the United States in 2003. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has previously stated that Ibrahim’s D-Company has a special team dedicated to terrorizing India, specifically political figures and businesspeople.

The Global Terrorism Index (GIT) 10th edition spotlights Dawood Ibrahim and his criminal network, which involves drug trafficking, arms selling, terrorism and fraud. The research also details their global ties to terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda.

There have been various rumors about Dawood’s health over the years. But he has avoided capture for decades, ever since the Mumbai bombings killed 250 people and injured hundreds more.

Widespread speculations are going on social media regarding Dawood Ibrahim who has allegedly poisoned and hospitalized in Karachi. It has sparked curiosity and online discussions on social media.

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