WhatsApp introduces a passwordless login feature

WhatsApp introduces a passwordless login feature

WhatsApp introduces a passwordless login feature

WhatsApp introduces a passwordless login feature to increase the security and user experience of its Android application. It has announced passkeys instead of two-factor authentication to log into your WhatsApp account.

This passwordless login feature seems to be more secure and easily accessible as compared to mostly Insecure and sometimes annoying two-factor SMS authentication. Android users do not have to deal with OTPs (One-Time Passwords) or memorize their passwords with passkey support. WhatsApp has made its official announcement on Twitter.

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The new featured passkey login also reduces the chance of stolen passwords and increases security. WhatsApp has started to roll out a passkey login feature to its users. However, as it is a phased rollout, so everyone would not get this new feature immediately. Meta says the complete passkey rollout will take a few weeks or months.

While the newly launched feature is exciting news for Android users without any doubt but not for iPhone users. Because there is no passkey support available on iOS. So, iPhone users cannot use this security feature yet.

WhatsApp introduces a passwordless login feature

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What are passkeys? How does Passkey work?

Passkey is a more secure and easy method of logging into an app or website. Passkeys allow you to use your device’s authentication system to approve a login attempt instead of depending on passwords you need to memorize.

Using the fingerprint reader of your phone or laptop, you can log in to Google or WhatsApp with the passkey feature. Passkey has two features: one is stored in the app or website and the other is stored securely in your phone. So when you try to log in device, you will have to verify using the fingerprint reader of the device. If the data matches, you will be able to log in.

Android users can easily and more securely now log in using face, fingerprint, or pin as WhatsApp introduces a passwordless login feature.

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