WhatsApp Launching New Multi-Rolling Account Feature

WhatsApp Launching New Multi-Rolling Account Feature

WhatsApp Launching New Multi-Rolling Account Feature

An exciting news for Android beta testers is WhatsApp launching a new multi-rolling account feature. This feature, known as “Multi-account,” enables users to easily create multiple accounts on the same device straight from the WhatsApp settings. It offers a new and user-friendly app settings interface that simplifies navigation.

The ability to handle discussions from numerous accounts with a single app is the highlight of Multi-account. It separates chats and alerts, making account switching on a single device easier without applications or devices. WaBetaInfo confirms the multi-account feature of Whatsapp. WaBetaInfo is an independent portal that provides new updates about WhatsApp.

The newest WhatsApp beta for Android beta testers may download this upgrade, with wider availability expected shortly. However, this new multi-account feature works on certain Android devices.

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Mark Zuckerberg, launched a Mac version of WhatsApp with a group calling for up to eight video and 32 voice participants. This update attempts to improve the WhatsApp experience across several devices, especially bigger displays.

WhatsApp’s mission to improve user experiences continues, and the Multi-account functionality is another step in that regard, offering simplicity and adaptability. Stay tuned for further information in future releases.

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