Huda Beauty Owner Kattan shuts down pro-Israel troll

Huda Beauty Owner Kattan shuts down pro-Israel troll

Huda Beauty Owner Kattan shuts down pro-Israel troll

Famous make-up band Huda Beauty owner Huda Kattan shuts down pro-Israel troll in her support for Palestine liberation.

This dispute happened when Huda shared her post on the social media app Instagram celebrating her 40th birthday.

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During birthday wishes by fans on her birthday post, one of her Instagram users emerged and expressed her concerns over the stance of Huda supporting Palestine. She said Gaza might lead Israelis, and Israelis are fans of Huda and her beauty products. To stop Huda from supporting Palestine, she suggested it could negatively impact the shares of her makeup brand.

One Instagram user commented, “I don’t know if you noticed, but Israelis from all over the world love you and your products. With most of their money, you chose Gaza. So remember this as soon as no Israeli buys from you again, anywhere in the world. And it’s a shame because we buy a lot.”

Kattan Huda responded to her comment saying “I don’t want bloody money”.

Huda “staunch supporter” of Palestine

Huda has consistently raised her voice for the oppressed Palestinians over the Israel-Palestinian conflict issue. Even in May 2021, she published a blog post titled “5 Ways You Can Support Palestine Right Know”. She published this post in response to escalations at the Al-Aqsa compound. Recently, Huda Beauty Owner Kattan shut down a pro-Israel troll in her support of Palestine.

Kattan Huda is a well-renowned Iraqi-American beauty blogger, makeup artist, and entrepreneur. She got married to Christopher Goncalo in 2009 and shares a daughter named Nour Giselle with him.

The recent aggressive exchange of comments took place as a result of the ongoing Israel-HAMAS war which has caused the deaths of several Palestinians.

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