United Kingdom to ban vapes to prevent its use by children

United Kingdom to ban vapes

United Kingdom to ban vapes to prevent its use by children

The government of the United Kingdom (UK) has decided to ban disposable vapes to prevent their widespread use among youth. UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will announce efforts today to limit vape flavors and demand plain packaging to ensure vapes do not appeal to children.

It came as part of a campaign to protect children’s health across the UK. PM Rishi warns that juvenile vaping might become “endemic.” So, the United Kingdom is about to ban vapes under the leadership of PM Rishi.

However, many Conservative MPs are opposed to the vaping ban. They regarded them as weapons of a “nanny state.” Meanwhile, Rishi stated that he should do what he believes is best for the country in the long run.

According to Rishi, one of the most worrying trends at the moment is the rise in vaping among children, as any parent or teacher knows. So, they must act before it becomes endemic.

Rishi stated that the long-term impacts of vaping are unknown. Moreover, the addition of nicotine within vapes can be highly addictive. In this way, marketing vapes to children is not acceptable.

PM Rishi is also introducing legislation introduced at last year’s Conservative party conference to stop the sale of tobacco products to anybody born after Jan 1, 2009. They have made this effort to establish a “smoke-free generation.”

However, former PM Liz Truss criticized the tobacco legislation. He stated it would create an absurd situation where adults enjoy different rights based on their birth date. A Conservative government should not be seeking to extend the nanny state.

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Surprisingly, there are expectations that the opposition Labor Party will support the vaping ban by PM Rishi. Because they had previously supported the smoking ban.

According to ASH statistics, about one-fifth of children ages 11 to 17 have tried vaping in 2023. This has increased by 14% in 2020 before the first COVID-19 lockout. Around 3.6% of children vaped more than once per week.

ASH (Action on Smoke and Health) called the decision of the United Kingdom’s government to ban vapes crucial to prevent youth from mental and physical deterioration. However, it is unclear when the UK government will implement this ban.

Vaping is the act of breathing in an aerosol (infective viral particles) that a vaping gadget makes. E-cigarettes, vape pens, e-hookahs, and mods are all types of vaping products. These gadgets heat a liquid like propylene glycol, nicotine, flavors, and other ingredients and turn it into an aerosol.

Vaping could cause breathing problems, organ damage, cancer, heart problems, and mental health issues. Nausea, cough, and headache are common side effects of vaping.

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