Trump slams US-Mexico border deal and warns border catastrophe

Trump slams US-Mexico border deal

Trump slams US-Mexico border deal and warns border catastrophe

Former US President Donald Trump slams US-Mexico border deal and warns about catastrophe waiting to happen. Trump labeled the southern border of the US with Mexico the “worst” in the history of the world.

Trump claimed that the US might face another terrorist attack following the deal. He said just three years ago, they had the strongest and safest border in American history. They are currently on the verge of disaster. It is the worst border in world history, a huge damage to their once-great nation.

According to Trump, terrorists are flooding in unchecked from all over the world. There is now a 100 percent likelihood of major terrorist attacks in the United States. Hence, he urged to “close the borders.” He expressed his views on the Truth Social platform.

Trump also instructed Republicans in Congress (legislature of the US federal government) that they should not strike a bipartisan agreement on the southern border. He encouraged them to end this agreement.

He stated a bad border deal is far worse than a no-border deal in Truth Social post. According to The Hill, the stance of Trump on the border deal is making it difficult for lawmakers to achieve an agreement. It has disturbed Congress members as they deal with the rising influence of Trump in the Republican party.

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According to the US-Mexico border deal, it would oblige the US to close its border if approximately 5,000 migrants crossed the US illegally on any given day. There were days last year when more than 10,000 people came in illegally to the US from Mexico.

Trump slams the US-Mexico border deal because he believes this deal will increase the terror incidents in the US in response to incoming illegal Mexican immigrants.

On the other hand, US President Joe Biden wants to restore asylum and humanely handle the border situation. There are massive numbers of immigrants entering the US across the US-Mexico border. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) statistics show more than 2.8 million migrants illegally reached the United States.

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