Trump smells trending on Twitter X & becomes top trend in the US

Trump smells trending on Twitter X

Trump smells trending on Twitter X & becomes top trend in the US

Former US President Donald Trump has become the center of attraction of social media as “Trump smells” has been trending on Twitter X since Dec 22, 2023. It has become a top trend in the United States and other countries including Australia.

This comes after Former Republican lawmaker Adam Kizinger said that Donald Trump has some bad hygiene. He advised the public to wear a mask around Donald due to his distinct odor which he claims is due to severe body odour.

Adam took it to X earlier this week and wrote he is genuinely surprised how people close to Trump have not talked about the odor. It is truly something incredibly ugly. If possible, wear a mask.

Hashtag Trump Smells Trends on X

The hashtag Trump smells is also trending with Trump stinks on Twitter X. One netizen wrote about his lack of control over his bowel movements and more than a decade of diaper wear. Trump smells like disgusting shit. Why do Americans want a nauseating, diaper-wearing man to represent them?

Another X user shared the podcast of American writer Mary Trump with US comedian Kathy Griffin. He wrote Mary Trump trembles from Kathy Griffin’s portrayal of Donald Trump on her podcast. Kathy said Donald has a unique scent that isn’t given nearly enough attention.

Another X user quoted, American journalist Bob Woodward’s earlier tweet and hashtag Trump Smells. Bob had tweeted that Donald Trump is suing him so he will reveal something he has never revealed before about a public figure. The scent barrier on his depends is completely insufficient.

Click here to read the updates on the Civil fraud trial of Trump, which will begin on Monday

In response to former Representative Adam Kinzinger’s suggestion that the former president has a strong odor, Donald Trump’s team has responded.

Through a spokeswoman, Trump, the front-runner for the Republican candidacy for president in 2024, responded. The spokesperson of Trump claimed in a statement provided to The Independent that Adam Kinzinger is an unemployed fraud who farted on live TV.

Furthermore, the spokesperson stated that Adam is a depressed person who is furious at how his awful life has turned out, and as a result, he has dishonored his nation and disrespected everyone around him.

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