Lawyer Steve Whybrow accused Brittany Higgins of “false trail”

Lawyer Steve Whybrow accused Brittany Higgins

Lawyer Steve Whybrow accused Brittany Higgins of “false trail”

Bruce Lehrmann’s lawyer Steve Whybrow has accused Brittany Higgins of leaving a “false trail” who made up wrong allegations against Bruce. Steve told Federal Court that it cannot rely on the evidence of Brittany in any way.

Steve Whybrown represented his blow up closing arguments in defamation lawsuit in Federal Court Australia yesterday on Dec 22, 2023. Although his blunt and insensitive arguments regarding Brittany’s rape allegations has drawn Australian public outrage.

An Australian Feminist movement MFW (Murdock Free World) urged people not to forget that a barrister (Steve) is now prosecuting an important defamation case. However, he did not say the same thing regarding women’s allegations of rape and sexual assault long ago.

Steve said during case proceeding that Brittany Higgins is a liar. Women can’t be trusted and they are all liars and that’s what forced Bruce to tell a few white lies to defend himself.

He went on to say that Brittany has spread a “virus of madness” which has infected the political and media class of Australia. When she made publically accusation against Bruce Lehrmann of raping her in Parliament House.

Steve Whybrow asked Federal Court of Australia not to rely on evidence of Brittany Higgins

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Lawyer Steve Whybrow accused Brittany Higgins of “laying a false trial” following the alleged incident that Bruce Lehrmann raped her. Furthermore, he launched a scathing attack on Brittany saying she has lied. Neither she was an accurate nor a reliable historian.

However, he also accused Brittany and her fiance David Sharaz of using “The Project” interview to carry out a “political hit job” by defaming Bruce Lehrmann.

This defamation lawsuit dates back to 2021 interview which Bruce Lehrmann filed against Network Ten and journalist Lisa Wilkinson. In this regard, he sues them for conducting “The Project” interview with Brittany Higgins. Brittany alleged her party colleague Bruce of raping her in Parliament House in this interview.

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