The Nepal earthquake killed more than hundred people

A deadly earthquake in Nepal kills more than hundreds of people

The Nepal earthquake killed more than hundred people

More than hundreds of people have died due to a deadly earthquake that struck western Nepal last night. The capital city of Nepal Kathmandu and neighboring areas of India including Delhi felt strong tremors.

Security forces reached the damaged areas including districts of Jajorkot and West Rukum to facilitate affected people. These districts are located about 500 km west of Kathmandu.

Nepali Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” has expressed his deep sorrow over the human and material damage caused by the earthquake at Ramidanda in Jajarkot on Friday night. He mobilized all 3 security agencies for the immediate rescue and relief of the injured.

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Several died and injured due to the earthquake

According to recent media reports, there are at least 128 people have died. And more than hundreds of people have been injured due to a devastating earthquake of 5.6 magnitude.

Government Action on Nepal Earthquake

PM Pushpa visited Jajorkot Hospital today along with the medical team of the Nepali Army for rescue and relief. He attended to injured people at the hospital and expressed his concern at the loss of life and property damaged by the earthquake.

The US Geological Survey measured the earthquake at a magnitude of 5.6 at 42km of Jhumla, Nepal. It was a shallow earthquake occurring at a depth of up to 12.9 km only which made it happen closer to the earth’s surface and caused massive disaster in western Nepal.

After the earthquake, people felt more than three strong tremors within an hour in the affected districts. However, many people spent the yesternight in the open because of fear of further earthquakes and damage to their homes.

Nepal is situated along the Himalayas mountain range where there is a lot of seismic activity which causes severe earthquakes.

A 6.3 magnitude earthquake hit the western district of Bajhang, Nepal which resulted in several injuries in October. It damaged several houses and triggered landslides.

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