Terrorists attacked the PAF Mianwali Training Base

Terrorists attacked the PAF Mianwali Training Base

Terrorists attacked the PAF Mianwali Training Base

A total of nine terrorists attacked the PAF (Pakistan Air Force) Mianwali Training base which continued overnight. However, security forces completed the combing and clearing operation early Saturday morning.

According to ISPR (Inter-Services Public Relations) immediate response of security forces terrorists foiled and thwarted the attack of terrorists.

Who attacked attacked the PAF Mianwali?

Tehreek-e-Jihad (TJP) which is a Taliban-Linked Terrorist Group has claimed responsibility for a major attack on the Mianwali Air Force Base in northern Pakistan. They appear to have invaded the base using ladders and are claiming to have destroyed several aircraft as well as some kind of armored vehicle.


ISPR Press Release on the Mianwali Terrorist Attack

According to a press release of the ISPR, all nine terrorists have been sent to hell. Furthermore, ISPR states that security personnel started a successful operation to eliminate any potential threat in the surrounding region following the cowardly and failed terrorist attack on the base. The security troops responded quickly and effectively ensuring the safety and security of personnel and assets.

The military’s media wing reported that the attack on the PAF had no impact on operational assets. Instead, it caused minor damage to three phased-out non-operational aircraft.

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The early Saturday attack left residents surprised when shots of gunfire broke the morning silence. A local resident Zeeshan Niazi said that he woke at about 3 a.m. after hearing massive gunshots which continued till around 7 a.m. A fuel bowser was also damaged in addition to non-functional aircraft according to earlier updates.

TJP emerged this year and little is known about this group. It has carried out a number of high-profile strikes in Pakistan. It includes the July martyrdom of 12 soldiers at a Pakistani military base in southwestern Balochistan. A day before at least 17 troops were killed in separate terrorist strikes in Balochistan and KPK.

However, Pakistan’s Army and law enforcement agencies despite the incident of terrorists attacked the PAF Mianwali are dedicated to removing terrorism from the country at all costs.

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