Israeli tanks reached the edge of Gaza City

Israeli tanks reached the edge of Gaza City

Israeli tanks reached the edge of Gaza City

Israeli armored tanks have reached the edge of Gaza City as Israel aims for a ground invasion in Gaza. It entered through Zaytun district on the southern border of Gaza.

Al Jazeera reports based on its Palestinian sources that Israeli tanks made an invasion of Salah al-Din Street in the middle of the Gaza City governorate. It is at a distance of about 3km from the Gaza fence.

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The Israeli tank offensive is taking place in less populated areas north of the Wadi Gaza stream across Gaza City. The Israeli defense forces wanted to attack this area from the beginning.

If Israeli forces manage to make it across the Mediterranean Sea in this area north of Wadi Gaza Stream. Then it will divide the Gaza Strip into two parts. It will separate the populated Gaza City in the north from the less populated Middle Area and Khan Yunis in southern Gaza.

Israeli tanks reached the edge of Gaza City

Israel has warned 1.1 million people living in northern Gaza to head south to avoid its military strikes. As the Israeli army moves ahead with a mission to destroy the territory of Hamas militants. However, thousands of people are trapped in that particular zone area.

IDF claims to kill Hamas militants during overnight operation

Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have continued and expanded its ground operation in Gaza overnight. According to IDF, ground forces guided an IAF (Israeli Air Force) which hit Hamas post comprised of 20+ militants.

Israel’s military claimed its troops killed dozens of operatives (Hamas) in overnight clashes. They said militants barricaded themselves inside buildings and tunnels. They attempted to attack the Israeli soldiers.

Israeli forces have stepped up their ground operation in a military response to the Hamas attack on Oct 7, 2023. Israeli officials claim that 1,400 Israelis died as a result of the Hamas attack. And 239 Israelis are hostages of the militant group.

The Gaza Health Ministry claims that 8,000 Palestinians have died as a result of Israeli air and ground strikes. And more than half of them are children.

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