Storm Ciarán creates havoc in the UK

Storm Ciarán creates havoc in the UK

Storm Ciarán creates havoc in the UK

Storm Ciarán created havoc in the United Kingdom as there was widespread flooding and damage around the UK. It has left thousands of homes without electricity and closed hundreds of schools and major travel delays have occurred.

Ciarán caused havoc in southern England and the Channel Islands. Southern England received wind gusts of at least 70 miles per hour and up to 3 inches of rain fell.

Numerous homes around the country have been severely destroyed with some people assuming tornadoes hit them. And many are still assessing the full extent of the destruction. It comes following a series of major flooding incidents in recent weeks.

Several flood warnings issued amid Storm Ciarán

More than 80 flood warnings are still in effect across the UK following Storm Ciarán. While the worst of the weather has passed. But still, there are expectations of rain and high winds in several areas of the country.

Several people died due to the Storm Ciarán

After hitting the UK, Storm Ciarán has reached different parts of Europe. The heavy violent rain caused a flood that took the lives of ten people across Europe including three deaths in Italy. It left dozens of injured people due to the catastrophic flood.

There are more than 200 flood warnings for England. One weather warning for rain remains in effect in eastern Scotland until Friday evening. Authorities have issued flood alerts for parts of North Wales in the aftermath of Storm Ciaran.

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Emergency services evacuated hundreds of people overnight with recorded wind gusts up to 102 miles per hour in Jersey. People witnessed hailstones “bigger than golf balls” which impacted them.

Sharon Mackie Marquer of St Clement shot a video of the devastation around her home. The roof tiles littered her lawn and the fence was thrown over owing to flood.

Debris-smashed cars and toppled tables may also be seen in the captured video. Sharon is known for producing high-quality videos.

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