Google November 2023 core update released

Google November 2023 core update released

Google November 2023 core update released

Core update of Google for November 2023 released which may take up to two weeks to complete. This is the fourth broad core algorithm change of this year 2023.

Google made the announcement on the official X Twitter account. It launched the November 2023 core update today. When the rollout is complete, Google will update its ranking release history page.

Google November 2023 core update released

The first core update of 2023 was in March which began on March 15 and ended on March 28. The second core update started on August 22 and finished on September 7. The third core update came in October and continued for 14 days beginning on Oct 5 and completed on Oct 19.

Issues of Google Core update October 2023

The last core update in October 2023 created an extreme level of low Google traffic at a large scale for most of the websites across the world. It ultimately dropped the top ranking of websites to zero. This issue began on Oct 5, 2023, when the core update started to roll out.

Later on, Google confirmed this problem with Google Discover traffic related to a bug with Google’s October 2023 core update. Google fixed the bug on Oct 31, 2023, to correct the Discover-related traffic.

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What’s included in Google November 2023 core update?

The upcoming core update of Google for November 2023 contains new features. According to Google, this core update involves an improvement to a different core system than last month. Google stated that its core update guidance is the same for both.

Furthermore, Google states that it will update reviews next week which will also mark an end to periodic announcements of changes to the review system of Google. Because the changes will occur on a regular and continuous basis.

Google has published a more extensive Q&A describing the latest core update and the update of the future reviews. You can read the detailed Q&A on Google search updates here.

When Google updates its search ranking algorithms, your site’s rating may do better or worse in search engine results. When Google makes these changes gives us something to understand whether you caused the issue by doing something on your website or by Google changing something with its ranked algorithm.

As we know Google has released a core ranking update today, so keep a check on your site analytics and rankings in the next weeks.

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