Spain court sentenced 15 students for spreading AI nude photos of girls

Spain court sentenced 15 students

Spain court sentenced 15 students for spreading AI nude photos of girls

A court in Spain has sentenced 15 school students to one-year probation for creating and spreading AI-generated nude photos of female classmates. Probation refers to a trial period of offenders.

This verdict came after parents in the Extremaduran town of Almendrajelo complained about it. They reported that nude photos of their daughters in bikinis went viral on WhatsApp groups.

Following this complaint, police launched an investigation into this matter last year. According to the mother of one of the victims, the accused shared the nude images of her father on WhatsApp since July 2023.

15 school students created and spread AI-generated nude photos of their female fellows

The mother revealed many girls were going through this in secrecy because they became extremely terrified and experienced severe anxiety attacks. The victim girls felt embarrassed and did not reveal it out of fear of being blamed for it.

Following this, a youth court in Badajoz City, Spain, sentenced 15 students to one year of probation. It found them guilty on 20 charges of making photographs of child abuse. They are also facing 20 counts of violating the moral integrity of their victims.

Probation is a legal condition where offenders remain in the community under supervision instead of serving time in a juvenile detention center.

Child Protection Services will supervise accused students for one year

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It aims to rehabilitate the offenders and prevent future crimes. It allows them to maintain their daily routines under certain restrictions and supervision. They may face additional penalties or imprisonment If they fail to meet these conditions.

The court also ordered accused students to attend classes on gender equality and awareness with responsible use of technology. Accused students have ages between 13 and 15.

Spanish law doesn’t allow charges or imprisonment for children under 14. Hence, the court imposed 1-year probation on them as it can sed their cases to child protection services. They will force them to participate in rehabilitation courses to polish themselves.

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