Several killed in Maine Mass shooting in Lewiston

Several killed in Maine Mass shooting in Lewiston

Several killed in Maine Mass shooting in Lewiston

Mass shootings in the United States are on the rise as several people were killed in a shooting incident that happened yesterday in the US city of Lewiston, Maine. A gunman opened fire at dozens of people in a restaurant in Maine. It sparked a massive police manhunt.

Hundreds of Police officers were searching for the suspect name Robert Card and told residents to stay indoors. They described the suspected man as “armed and dangerous”.

Lewiston Police have not officially confirmed a death rate till now. However, based on the sources of ABC News claim the deaths of at least 20 people. There have also been reports of at least 50 people injured.

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According to Lewiston police, the shooting took place at two different locations. Police officers had to respond to reports of shooting at Schemengees restaurant and Sparetime Recreation, a bowling alley which is about four miles apart.

Lewiston Police has arrested suspected man Robert Card

The Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office released images of Robert Card to help the public identify him. The forty-year-old suspected man Robert has been arrested by Lewiston Police per recent media updates.

Riley Dumont, an eye witness was present at the crime scene. She told the media that her eleven-year-old daughter was taking part in a bowling league of children at the bowling alley when she heard several gunshots.

Her father is a retired police officer who confined their family into a corner of a bowling alley at the time of the shooting incident. She added that she was lying on top of her daughter and her mother was lying on top of her.

Several killed in Maine Mass shooting in Lewiston

CBS claims that it has seen the bulletin of state police. According to this bulletin, Robert Card is a firearms instructor. He obtained training by the US military at a facility in the city of Saco, Maine. The bulletin also stated that Robert spent time in mental health care in the summer of 2023.

The White House confirmed that US President Joe Biden spoke individually over the phone to Maine Governor Janet Mills, Senators Susan Collins and Angus King regarding the shooting incident.

Lewiston Public Schools remained closed today on the orders of Superintendent Jake Langlais because of a freed gunman roaming across the state.

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