People killed in UK as Storm Babet hit northern Europe

People killed in UK as Storm Babet hit northern Europe

People killed in UK as Storm Babet hit northern Europe

Storm Babet killed people in the UK amid a severe flood as it hit the areas of northern Europe. Stormy winds and floods have struck several countries in northern Europe.

According to weather forecasters, the region of Northern Europe is experiencing heavy rain which caused heavy floods that may continue over the weekend.

Weather forecaster John Kettley considers “Babet Strom” serious and he expresses his concern that the storm is going to get worse. John also confirmed the death of three people in Scotland as a result of extreme weather.

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Babet Strom batters the Entire of Europe

UK Weather forecasters predict the winds can hit hardest in the eastern part of the Jutland peninsula of Denmark and the Danish islands in the Baltic Sea. Adding to this, the northern part of the British Isles, southern Sweden, Norway, and northern Germany could also be the targets of the Babet Storm.

Two Scottish People died

Eastern Scotland is continuously facing stormy weather that has killed two Scottish people. One person has died in England. British forecasters have issued a red warning for ongoing storm and flood as it may prolong.

The UK’s Met Office has issued a rare red warning for parts of eastern Scotland. It received exceptional rainfall of up to 22 centimeters on Friday and Saturday.

Meteorologist John Hammond said further weather warnings may be issued as more rain will make it difficult for river levels to come down.

Meteorologist John Hammond says more weather warnings may issue – Source (Times Radio)

Brayford Pool area in Lincoln, England has recently been hit by severe Strom Babet. The local media channel of Lincoln has reported it. Roads are closed across Lincolnshire due to the storm.

People killed in the UK as Storm Babet hit northern Europe

Hundreds of homes and businesses in the southern Irish county of Cork flooded earlier this week. The Storm Babet considered to be the worst flood in at least 30 years.

Meanwhile, train services were severely disrupted in central England due to strong winds and stormy rainfall. The rail officials told some routes in northwest England and north Wales closed completely due to severe flooding.

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