Ruby Princess Passengers Win COVID-19 Outbreak Lawsuit

Ruby Princess Passengers Win COVID-19 Outbreak Lawsuit

Ruby Princess Passengers Win COVID-19 Outbreak Lawsuit

Passengers of Cruise ship Ruby Princess win class action lawsuit against Carnival Australia over COVID-19 outbreak on ill-fated voyage in 2020.

Court rules today that Carnival Australia should have canceled the Ruby Princess cruise at the center of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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The Federal Court has found that Carnival Australia was negligent and involved in misleading representations over the trip of cruise Ruby Princess in 2020.

There were about 2,600 passengers on board an ill-fated voyage from Sydney in March of 2020 year before an outbreak of COVID-19 forced the cruise to turn around.

Over 660 people tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and 28 people died as a result. It has been linked to the negligence of Ruby Princess.

A court has ruled that the Ruby Princess cruise ship linked to 700 Covid infections and 28 deaths at the start of the pandemic should never have sailed.

Justice Angus Stewart today found Carnival Cruise was ignorant in certain respects regarding precautions taken for passenger safety. According to the court, Carnival compromised the lives of passengers.

Ruby Princess Passengers Win COVID-19 Outbreak Lawsuit

Justice Angus also found that Carnival made misleading representations in pre-holiday communications with passengers. He suggested it was “reasonably safe” to take the cruise.

Justice said he found that before the boarding of passengers on the Ruby Princess for the cruise in question. The respondents knew about the heightened risk of coronavirus infection on the cruise, and its potentially fatal consequences.

A class action alleged company that chartered the ship. They accused the owner or operator of Princess Cruise Lines of violating duties of care and Australian Consumer Law.

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