Mexico prepares for catastrophic Hurricane Otis

Mexico prepares for catastrophic Hurricane Otis

Mexico prepares for catastrophic Hurricane Otis

The southern coast of Mexico prepares for catastrophic Hurricane Otis as this Category 5 storm enters the country of North America.

The calamitous Hurricane Otis storm has caused landfall near the beach resorts of Acapulco. According to the U.S. National Hurricane Center (NHC), the hurricane reached land near Acapulco bringing maximum winds of around 165 miles per hour which is approximately 270 kilometers per hour.

Meteorologist Erich Ahlf said on behalf of the NHC in the early morning that Category 5 Hurricane Otis will strike Acapulco, Mexico overnight. The NHC’s statement, “A nightmare scenario is unfolding,” is a profoundly alarming choice of words, according to Erich. And the storm will be catastrophic and explosively intensified by 110 miles per hour in just 24 hours.

Mexico prepares for catastrophic Hurricane Otis

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Guerrero and Oaxaca are at high alerts

Authorities said a Category 5 Hurricane could bring up heavy rain to 20 inches in parts of Guerrero and Oaxaca. It can cause flash floods and mudslides leading to life-threatening conditions.

The national water agency of Mexico CONAGUA warned that Otis continues to be extremely dangerous. In the next few hours, its cloud bands will be maintained. There are extraordinary punctual rains in regions of Guerrero and intense in areas of Oaxaca. In addition to gusts of wind of 215 to 260 km/h and waves of 8 to 10 m on the coasts of Guerrero.

On Tuesday at 9 p.m., the storm was about 55 miles southeast of Acapulco. It came with a maximum wind speed of 160 miles per hour according to Miami-based NHC.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador asked people to move to emergency shelters and away from rivers, streams, and ravines. Soldiers have been patrolling the beach area of Acapulco.

Authorities in Guerrero are preparing storm shelters. The National Guard said it was helping to get ready for rescues and evacuations.

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