Woolworths recalls mince pies over metal contamination fears

Woolworths recalls mince pies

Woolworths recalls mince pies over metal contamination fears

Australian supermarket Woolworths recalls a batch of its famous mince pies over fears of metal contamination just before Christmas. Woolworths has issued a precautionary recall for mince pies due to concerns that its product may contain metal.

This notice applies to its brand Shortcrust Summer Berry Mince Pies 6-pack 360g which may be affected products. These items were only available at Woolworths outlets in New South Wales.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand issued a food recall. It also encouraged the consumers of Mince Pies to return the product.

The customers who have bought these affected mince pies asked to return the product since it could cause disease or injury if consumed. Therefore, the customers who return this product to the point of purchase will receive a full refund.

The notice from Woolworths also suggests that customers who have eaten the contaminated mince pies should seek medical attention.

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Woolworths recalls Shortcrust Summer Berry Mince Pies due to the probability of hazardous metal presence in it. It may cause serious health issues or even injury in case of consumption.

Metal-contaminated food may cause chronic illness in the form of cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and kidney disease. However, it may also cause food poisoning.

Other severe effects include abdominal pain, chills, fatigue, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting as a result of metal consumption. Because the metals are toxic, their consumption causes severe health disorders ranging from neurological to organ damage.

According to Woolworths, the usual variety of its brand Fruit Mince Pies remains unaffected by the recall and is still safe to eat. It stated Woolworths takes product safety very seriously and apologizes for any trouble this recall has caused.

Customers can get further information by calling the toll-free customer support number 1800 103 515 and at Woolworths’ official website www.woolworths.com.au.

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