North Korea tells Japan it will launch a spy satellite

North Korea tells Japan it will launch spy satellite

North Korea tells Japan it will launch a spy satellite

North Korea tells its neighboring country Japan that it will launch a spy satellite in days. According to Japanese media, North Korea may attempt a third spy satellite launch as early as Wednesday midnight.

North Korea has issued formal notice to Japan that it will launch its third military spy satellite into space between November 22 and December 1st.

N. Korea notified Japan’s Coast Guard and said the planned launch would be in the direction of the West Sea and East China Sea. It has twice failed to get a spy satellite into space this year.

This notice comes after N. Korea had planned to make its third attempt at a military spy satellite launch in October following two botched launches in August and May. But it did not go ahead with the plan.

North Korea issued a notification to Japan’s Coast Guard about its launched plan to spy satellite into space

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According to the Japan Coast Guard, notification of N. Korea designated three marine zones where debris from the rocket carrying the satellite is expected to fall. Two of these are located to the west of the Korean Peninsula. While the other is located to the east of the Philippines’ island of Luzon.

North Korean President Kim Jong Un desires a spy satellite because it will allow him to better monitor incoming attacks and plot his own attacks more precisely.

However, it is important to note that The United Nations Security Council has banned North Korea from launching satellites considering them as a pretext to test the missile technology of North Korea.

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