A Robbie Williams fan died at a Sydney concert

A Robbie Williams fan died at a Sydney concert

A Robbie Williams fan died at a Sydney concert

A female fan of British singer and songwriter Robbie Williams has died at a Sydney concert after she fell down. She was seventy years old woman who fell down six rows of seats and got serious head injuries.

Afterward, the woman was taken to a nearby St Vincent’s hospital. She was placed in an induced coma. Today medical officials from the hospital confirmed her death.

A Robbie Williams fan died at a Sydney concert

This incident occurred on the first night of Robbie’s Australian XXV tour last Thursday at Allianz Stadium. While Singer Robbie has not commented on this incident yet.

According to a stadium spokesperson, the incident happened after the show had ended, and thousands of showgoers started walking out in a rush. Instead of taking the stairs, the woman attempted to step over the seating rows. She lost her footing and fell. Following this horrific fall, she was struggling for her life.

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The family of the dead woman has stated that they are looking for answers following claims that concert organizers prevented attendees from carrying water to the show despite the heatwave conditions.

On November 16, over 40,000 fans attended the concert. The British Singer Robbie who is the subject of a four-part Netflix documentary is scheduled to perform in Melbourne on November 22, 2023.

Likewise Robbie’s concert, a 23-year-old fan died after falling in the heat after a Taylor Swift concert in Rio de Janeiro last Friday. The fan was brought to the hospital and died as a result of a heart attack. Later on, Taylor postponed Brazil’s concert amid the death of her fan.

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