Moses Kuria raised concern over gas filling plant in Thika town

Moses Kuria raised concern

Moses Kuria raised concern over gas filling plant in Thika town

Cabinet Secretary for Public Service Moses Kuria has raised concern about a new cooking gas filling plant in Thika town, Kiambu County. According to Moses, the plant in the Kiandutu slums in Kiambu County is anonymous.

Moses stated that this plant shows a similar danger to the one in Mradi, Embakasi, that caused a gas explosion and subsequent fire on Feb 01, 2024 night.

Furthermore, Moses believed the Thika gas plant would not have a business permit. Meanwhile, the Cabinet Secretary (CS) has instructed the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) to remain vigilant and assure legal compliance regarding gas plant installation.

Following this, Moses Kuria has raised concern and wrote on X while addressing EPRA. He posted that this gas-filling plant near Kiandutu Police Station in Thika would be the next Embaksai explosion incident.

All he knows is that it is not a licensed plant. There is no name on the plant. He does not know whether the reports from locals who claim the police spent the whole day accepting bribes are genuine. That is for you to verify.

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Furthermore, he emphasized that CS instructed the EPRA to do their job. It also directed EPRA to ensure they (petroleum firms) follow the rules. He also believes that the alleged plant does not have a business license.

These words of Moses Kuria came after the Embakasi gas blast on Feb 01, 2024. An explosion happened when a truck carrying gas blew up around 11 p.m. It ignited a massive ball of flames that spread extensively across the area.

As a result of the Embakasi gas explosion, at least three people died, and hundreds of people were injured. Government agencies have now determined that the filling gas plant in Embakasai was unlicensed and unofficial. The culprits denied an official permit on multiple occasions.

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