Fake Death Stunt of Poonam Pandey receives furious reactions

Fake Death Stunt of Poonam Pandey

Fake Death Stunt of Poonam Pandey receives furious reactions

The fake death stunt of Indian actress Poonam Pandey receives furious reactions from both the public and Indian celebrities. Poonam Pandey yesterday staged a drama of her fake death stunt to raise awareness about cervical cancer. However, the death stunt of Poonam Pandey is not justifiable in any case.

The netizens and her fans are backlashing her for fake death drama. They called it a new low and sick mentality stunt. Therefore, they are lashing Poonam for adopting such a drastic stance on a vital matter of chronic disease cancer.

To get a proper understanding of this controversial act of Poonam, visit the link given below from where this drama started:

Many people remained skeptical at the news of her death yesterday. However, nobody believed that any sensible person, especially a public figure, could stoop to such a low level only for public stunt and enjoy popularity.

However, Poonam proved the ethical and moral norms all wrong by revealing a shocking and disgusting post regarding her fake death on her Instagram account.

She posted she understands that the recent news of her supposed death due to Cervical Cancer is hard for people to absorb. She also appreciated the concern and warmth that people expressed over her fake death yesterday.

According to Poonam, she committed this unjustified and ridiculous stunt only to raise awareness about cervical cancer. She claimed the entire nation started to discuss the serious issue of cervical cancer at the news of her death. This was her purpose to make people aware of cervical cancer.

However, the public and Indian celebrities are not ready to take her nonsense act. One netizen wrote Poonam Pandey is alive. But it is disgraceful to use severe diseases like cervical cancer for a cheap public stunt.

Another netizen called Poonam Pandey “the biggest fraud alive in India” right now. She spread fake news just for a publicity stunt. She died yesterday for him. He already wished her Rest in Peace.


Besides the public, Indian celebrities don’t remain left behind to backlash against Poonam for her cheap death stunt. Rakhi Sawant is one of them. She backlashed Poonam and strongly criticized her.

Rakhi said she left them heartbreak with her death news. She said Poonam played with the emotions of her fans and media. She questioned who did such type of public stunt to fake her death.

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Besides Rakhi, other notable Indian celebrities, including film director Vivek Agnihotri, fashion editor Kusha Kapila, and TV personality Saisha Shinde, have also expressed anger at Poonam.

According to them, it is the worst public relations campaign ever. What a horrible mentality. It is not cool to play with the emotions of people by pretending to be dead.

In short, the act of Poonam proved to be a ridiculous way to promote something or raise awareness about cervical cancer. She disgracefully exploited serious issues like cancer. Let’s not normalize this unreasonable public stunt in respect of real survivors and victims matters more than attention-seeking stunts.

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