Kasarani cop arrested for demanding 30K bribe to release brothers

Kasarani cop arrested

Kasarani cop arrested for demanding 30K bribe to release brothers

A Kasarani cop, Paul Kamau Mbugua, has been arrested for demanding 30K Kenyan shilling to release two brothers. Authorities have arrested Paul for suspected extortion at the Kilimani police station.

Arrested cop Paul Kamau Mbugua belonged to the Kasarani Police Station. The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) released a statement today on Jan 27, 2024. According to EACC, a police officer by the name of Paul Kamau Mbgua is accused of detaining two brothers on Jan 26, 2024, for an unidentified offense.

The alleged cop has not even entered their arrests into the Occurrence Book (OB). Kenya has a digital Occurrence Book (OB), which the National Police Service (NPS) uses to record reported incidents at police stations nationwide.

Coming to the alleged cop’s arrest, Paul demanded a family bribe of Ksh 30,000 to release the two brothers. It led the family to pay a bribe forcefully to him.

However, the affected family filed a complaint to EACC to take notice of this matter. They also requested EACC to recover their Ksh 30,000 money, which they paid Paul to release the brothers.

The anti-corruption commission has acknowledged a little struggle took place during his arrest. When Paul began weeping wildly after realizing that he was under arrest. The video of the incident has become viral on social media.

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After conducting an investigation, EACC officers took Paul into custody after obtaining the required money. The Commission has taken him to the Kilimani Police Station. Moreover, the EACC Integrity Center Police Station is further processing this case.

However, the suspected police officer made attempts to resist arrest that were unsuccessful. Detectives also took the Taurus Revolver Pistol S/No. Q 130360 from his custody and handed them over to the OCS EACC Police Station. On the other hand, EACC has not revealed the identity of the arrested brothers whom Paul detained illegally.

Any person convicted of taking a bribe may face imprisonment of ten years and also a heavy fine of up to five million shillings under the corruption laws of Kenya.

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