Mojokerto Tissue Factory Fire kills one worker

Mojokerto Tissue Factory Fire kills one worker

Mojokerto Tissue Factory Fire kills one worker

A fire outbreak at the Sun Paper Source (SPS) tissue factory kills one worker at the Ngoro Mojokerto, East Java Indonesia on Oct 12, 2023.

Jon Rahman is the name of the dead person who was a worker in the factory production area. At the time of the fire outbreak, he allegedly experienced shortness of breath while helping to blow out the fire.

Mojokerto Tissue Factory Fire kills one worker

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Ngoro Police Chief Commissioner, Imam Mahmudi reveals the victim died while helping with an extinguisher. He probably inhaled a lot of smoke, ran out of oxygen, and fainted. Mahmudi released this statement while talking with Antara (Indonesian News Agency).

Imam told the victim was taken to Mawaddah Medika Hospital. But unfortunately, on the way, he died. Then the body was moved to Prof. Dr. Soekandar in the Regional Hospital, Mojosari for post-mortem report. However, his family refused to have an autopsied body and asked authorities to send the body back to Palembang from where it came.

Imam also confirmed that a security guard and one dead worker were injured. CNN reported it. Imam said it is still unclear what caused the fire across the tissue factory. He added, “Investigation is still going on”.

The Head of Emergency and Logistics of the Mojokerto Regency Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD), Abdul Khakim said he received the reports of a fire outbreak at PT Sun Paper tissue factory and the fire was still ongoing.

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