Typhoon Haikui Hit Taiwan Leading to Immediate Evacuation

Typhoon Haikui Hits Taiwan

Typhoon Haikui Hit Taiwan Leading to Immediate Evacuation

Typhoon Haikui hit Taiwan by midnight, causing emergency evacuations, power disruptions, and property destruction. The storm made a second landfall in southeastern Kaohsiung, devastating devastation but no casualties. Over 7,000 individuals got evacuated from landslide-prone locations, and over 21,000 families were without electricity.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen held a meeting with officials of disaster management to direct the people avoid to going outside. She advised people not to climb up mountains, fishing, engage in water sports, or go to the coast. She released this statement from her office.

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Taiwan’s Central Bureau told AFP (Agence France-) Pressein at a press conference that the Haukui typhoon hit Taiwan by 3:40 p.m. It caused the landfall in Taitung. It is a mountainous region in less-populated eastern Taiwan.

Furthermore, Forecaster of Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau said Haikui initially seemed to move through the Island and out to the sea. But it caused a second landfall in Kaohsiung at around 4 a.m. on Sep 3, 2023.

By Monday morning, 58,000 houses were without power. The storm disrupted everyday life by forcing airline cancellations and company closures. Despite being less severe than previous storms, Typhoon Haikui had a considerable effect, resulting in roughly 80 minor casualties.

Taiwan and its outlying islands of Kinmen and Penghu are preparing for high gusts and rain in the south and northeast.

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