Celebrities Speak Out on Israel-Palestinian Conflict

Celebrities Speak Out on Israel-Palestinian Conflict

Celebrities Speak Out on Israel-Palestinian Conflict

Many popular Hollywood celebrities speak out on the Israel-Palestinian conflict on social media. They have expressed their concerns and views on the outbreak of conflict between Palestinian group HAMAS and Israel.

The Rock

The most famous Western actor, Dwayne Johnson popularly known as “The Rock”. He shared his emotions on Instagram saying he is angry, heartbroken, and sickened about the ‘growing loss of innocent Israeli and Palestinian lives’ as the Israel-Hamas conflict ‘escalates to immense proportions’.

Johnson is one of the latest celebrities to share his thoughts about the Israel-Palestine conflict on Instagram. On Oct 11, 2023, he posted a long note in which he condemned and denounced terrorism. However, he kept his comment section off.

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber comes and expresses his concern over the ongoing Israel-HAMAS war. He wrote “Praying for Israel” in his Instagram story.

Celebrities Speak Out on Israel-Palestinian Conflict

Bieber faced backlash from fans for taking Israel’s side about which he posted separately that he was not interested in choosing sides and that he feels bad for both Israeli and Palestinian friends.

Hear the world react to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is the youngest rich businesswoman worldwide and an American socialite. She comes third to share a post from Israel’s education nonprofit education organization StandWithUs. She posted “Now and always, we stand with the people of Israel,” read a caption under a photo of the Israeli flag.

Later on, she also deleted her Instagram story post due to her fan’s criticism for expressing biased support.

Israel pounds Gaza with airstrikes: Hamas-Israel War Updates


Famous American singer and actress Maddona condemned the attack on Israel sharing a news coverage video. She wrote, “What is happening in Israel is Devastating”. She said her heart goes out to Israel. The pop star also expressed condolences to all innocent victims whose homes have been destroyed. And to all those who are suffering or will suffer from the Israel-Palestinian war. Maddoa has limited her comment section after this post.

Rob Schneider

Israel-Palestinian Conflict Last but not least comes Rob Schneider, a famous American actor and comedian. He expressed his support for Israel by sharing a photo of the Israeli flag on his Twitter account. He opted not to write any caption.

Hamas launched an attack on Israel on Saturday, Oct 7, 2023, in a move that took the Israeli military and security services by surprise. Afterward, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared “We are at war.”

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