McDonald’s Australia cashless move sparks public outrage

McDonald's Australia cashless move

McDonald’s Australia cashless move sparks public outrage

McDonald’s Australia in some parts of the country, like Melbourne, has adopted a cashless move. It has decided to take only card payments which made Australians angry.

It came after customers noticed signs conveying the message that McDonalds will only card payments at certain hours. These notices were displayed in Melbourne’s eastern and southern suburbs at local Maccas. Maccas is a slang term used for McDonald’s Australia.

According to the notice, McDonald’s shall no longer take cash payments between midnight and 6 a.m. to protect their employees and customers.

McDonald's Australia cashless move

Australians have reacted angrily to the cashless move of McDonald’s Australia and threatened to boycott the fast-food chain. One customer said to boycott these Maccas. He stated that he does not come there very often. But he has been there for years and has only seen this now.

He questioned the staff of Maccas about the reason for the cashless policy. But he did not get a satisfactory answer. However, staff members told him this policy came after the robbery incidents. However, the customer said he did not care about it. And he is paying cash either way.

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Meanwhile, several customers also agreed that the cashless option was inconvenient. However, some customers pointed out that this policy change was necessary to protect its employees.

According to Maccas spokesperson based on a Daily Mail source, the cashless policy is only for eastern and southern parts of Melbourne. If cash is the only payment method available, the branches will continue to take it. Furthermore, he stated that the main goal is to secure their employees and customers.

McDonald’s locations in the east and south of Melbourne have introduced several proactive safety measures to protect personnel and customers in response to previous robbery incidents. This also includes cashless payment options for customers whenever possible.

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