People boycott McDonald’s over Israel-Palestine conflict

People boycott McDonald's over Israel-Palestine conflict

People boycott McDonald’s over Israel-Palestine conflict

People boycott McDonald’s for providing free food to Israeli Defense forces over the Israel-Palestine conflict. The hashtag #BoycottMcDonald has been trending since morning on social media app Twitter.

Mcdonald’s is facing backlash after its revelation of offering free meals to Israeli soldiers who are doing heavy and brutal airstrikes on Gaza over the Israel-Palestinian conflict. The giant multi-national fast food chain shared a picture of sending free food to Israeli troops on its official Israel branch Instagram handle.

Netizens are demanding the world to boycott giants and support Palestine. They say Palestinians have no food and they are just giving free food to Israeli forces.

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Human rights activist for Palestine, Sarah Wilkinson lashed out at McDonald’s saying it is feeding the Israeli genociders.

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Sahibzada Amir Reza also pledged to boycott McDonald’s from now on. Reza is the Ex-chairman of the Quran Board and Muttahidda Ulama Board Punjab during the tenure of Imran Khan.

The world’s leading Islamic media channel on Twitter says Egypt is the first country to boycott McDonalds after its announcement to support Israeli forces.

Some netizens are claiming McDonald’s shares fell after announcing that they will be donating free meals to Israeli occupation soldiers who are committing war crimes in Gaza.

People boycott McDonald’s over the Israel-Palestine conflict

Gaza “under siege”

Yesterday on Oct 12, 2023, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) warned that essential supplies were running dangerously low in the Gaza Strip. After Israel imposed a total blockade on the territory.

Israel announced a total siege on Gaza on Oct 9. It blocked the entry of food, fuel, and water into the coastal territory and shuttered all crossing points.

Alonyal Limited operates McDonald’s Israel and has its license. Omri Padans is the owner of McDonald’s Israel.

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