African birds in crisis, a study reveals alarming population decline

African birds in crisis

African birds in crisis, a study reveals alarming population decline

A new study reveals that plenty of African birds are in crisis due to an alarming decline in their population. Birds of prey in Africa, like eagles and hawks, are facing a significant decline.

This study shows many of these birds are disappearing. It’s not good news for humans. The study looked at different species, like the martial eagle and the bateleur, and found they have been vanishing from large parts of Africa over the last 40 years.

Several wild areas where these birds used to live are now becoming farmland. This change is causing their numbers to drop drastically. Some of these birds might even disappear from certain countries in the future.

The study suggests that losing these top birds in the food chain could have unexpected consequences for us. They give an example from the past when vultures in India decreased in number. This led to more cases of rabies in people because there were more stray dogs around without the vultures to clean up animal carcasses.

African birds in crisis

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This study published in the journal Nature Ecology and Evolution, used road surveys to discover that nearly 90% of the 42 bird species had declined.

The research found that many of these African birds of prey are now depending on protected areas like national parks. However, even in these protected zones, the number of birds is declining, though not as fast. The study emphasizes the importance of a global goal to protect 30% of the Earth by the end of the decade to help nature.

The decline of these African birds has reached a remarkable crisis in West Africa, where farming is spreading, and protected areas don’t have enough support. The researcher warns that the disappearance of these African birds could bring unexpected problems to places they used to live.

So, it’s not just about losing some birds; it might lead to other issues that could affect us. Therefore, these bird’s protection and their habitats are significant for the balance of nature.

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