Madras High Court banned non-Hindus entry into Palani temples

Madras High Court banned non-Hindus

Madras High Court banned non-Hindus entry into Palani temples

Madras High Court has banned the entry of non-Hindus from entering the Palani temple and its sub-temples in the state. The court has ordered the Tamil Nadu government and the state Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HR&CE) department to stop non-Hindus from entering Palani temples.

The High Court stated that Palani temples are not a picnic or tourist spot. Justice S Srimathy directed the state government to put signs in all Hindu temples. The signs should be labeled “non-Hindus are not allowed inside the temple after Kodimaram.” Kodimaram is a flagpole located in Hindu temples at the temple entrance.

The court ordered the authorities to not allow non-Hindus who do not believe in the Hindu religion. Suppose any non-Hindu claims to visit a specific deity in the temple.

In that case, the authorities must obtain a promise from the particular non-Hindu that he has faith in the deity and temple customs. In this regard, non-Hindu may visit the temple following the court rule.

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However, the Madras High Court ruling that banned the entry of non-Hindus only applies to the Palani temples. However, this decision has raised concerns that the ban should apply to all Hindu temples. But the court has rejected this plea of the petitioner.

Because the court stated that these restrictions would preserve community harmony among different religions while maintaining societal peace.

According to the court ruling, visitors cannot use the temple grounds as a picnic spot while enjoying the architectural monuments. People of other beliefs have the right to profess and practice their religion.

However, their respective religion’s customs and practices cannot be interfered with. Hence, the court instructed authorities to control such interference. Even in the Arulmighu Brahadeeswarar temple in Thanjavur, other religious people have permission to admire and enjoy the temple’s architectural masterpieces, but not after Kodimaram.

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