Mysterious Nazca Lines show stunning images of animals & plants

mysterious nazca lines

Mysterious Nazca Lines show stunning images of animals & plants

The mysterious Nazca lines are shapes of animals, plants, and geometric objects carved into the Peruvian desert over 2,000 years ago. However, it remains one of the strangest archaeological mysteries.

The Nazca lines are in the Nazca desert in the southern part of Peru, just north of the border with Bolivia. Mysterious Nazca Lines spread across an arid plateau of about 50 kilometers. These lines show various animals, plants, and geometric shapes that stretch hundreds of meters in length.

The expansion and precision of these lines have confused scientists, historians, and archaeologists. It has also sparked countless theories about the origin of these Nazca lines.

Some believe the Nazca people created these lines between 500 BCE and 500 AD. The Nazca people built these lines to serve as sacred paths in religious ceremonies or processions.

However, others propose that Nazca lines functioned as astronomical calendars aligning with celestial events such as solstices and equinoxes.

The pattern of creating these immense designs also adds to their mystique. Scientists think that the Nazca people made these lines in the past using simple tools and equipment.

Mysterious Nazca Lines

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Furthermore, researchers do not know much about the Nazca people. Their culture is thought to have grown along the southern coast of Peru from about 100 BCE to 800 AD. Nazca made a lot of crafts and art such as textiles, pottery, and geoglyphs. Geoglyphs refer to a large design or pattern on the ground.

According to archaeologists, the Nazca people were able to organize large groups of workers to puquios, underground waterways that gave water for fertilizing crops in the desert climate. In this regard, they estimate that they have created the mysterious Nazca lines.

However, the rocks of the Nazca lines contain no carbon, so scientists can’t find its exact time of creation. However, many scientists believe Nazca people created lines between 500 BCE and 500 AD.

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