Local people oppose nudity ban at popular Tyagarah Bryon beach

Local people oppose nudity ban

Local people oppose nudity ban at popular Tyagarah Bryon beach

Local people strongly oppose the decision of NWPS to ban nudity at the famous Tyagarah Bryon Bay beach. NWPS refers to the NSW Parks and Wildlife Service. Tyagarah Beach has been a nudist paradise since the Bryon Bay Shire Council declared it a “clothing-optional” zone in 1988.

However, Tyagarah Beach is now under NSW Parks and Wildlife Service (NWPS) management. The NWPS wrote a letter to the Bryon Shire Council to end the optional clothing provision for Tyagarah Beach in December 2023.

NWPS claimed in their notice that they decided it because the nudist beach was inconsistent with their values. Moreover, they requested all relevant official channels to issue notice to remove optional clothing by April 8, 2024.

After the decision of NWPS, more than a thousand people signed an online petition to prevent clothing-optional provisions at Tyagarah Beach. Bradley Benham launched this petition to appeal to the NSW Environment Minister to change this decision.

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According to Bradley’s petition, legal outdoor areas for the naturist community are rare in New South Wales. Committed and casual naturists highly regard the Tyagarah Beach throughout the Northern Rivers and Southeast Queensland.

Furthermore, the petition stated that nude leisure is a legitimate way of life for the local population. As well as interstate and international visitors have the right to a public space where they can exercise their freedom.

Bradley also mentioned that clothing optional at Tyagarah Beach has been a source of enjoyment and freedom since community activists founded it over 25 years ago. Thousand of people are now enjoying the beach responsibly. So, the local people oppose the nudity ban and object to this NWPS decision.

On the other hand, police have received several reports about sexual behavior and vulgar actions at the nudist Tyagarah beach over the years.

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