Lal Salaam box office collection: Rajinikanth film earns over 11 Crores

Lal Salaam box office collection

Lal Salaam box office collection: Rajinikanth film earns over 11 Crores

The box office collection day of Rajinikanth’s film “Lal Salaam” has earned more than 11 crores overall in India. According to box office collection data provider Sacnilk, Lal Salaam made about 1.16 crores on its fifth day.

Lal Salaam came out in cinemas on Feb 9, 2024. Aishwariya Rajinikanth, the daughter of famous Telugu and Bollywood actor Rajinikanth, directed this movie. Rajinikanth has also made a cameo appearance in Lal Salaam.

According to Sacnilk, Lal Salaam has made 11.50 Indian crore rupees collectively in five days. Lal Salaam earned 3.55 crores on its release day. The film earned 3.25 crores in India on the next day. It kept making money at a steady rate of 3.15 crores.

However, the movie suddenly experienced a fall to 1.24 crores on its fourth and fifth day, which shows that the film is not doing well in its home country.

A Subaskaran has presented the movie Lal Salaam. A Rehman presented music for Lal Salaam. It is the first movie that Aishwariya Rajinikanth has directed in eight years.

The main characters in Lal Salaam are Vishnu Vishal and Vikranth. They have played their roles as competitors since childhood. Rajinikanth appears as Moideen Bhai in the film.

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The plot of Lal Salaam revolves around cricket, religion, and how villagers politicize a popular sport. The first part focuses on the village, its residents, and the connection between Hindus and Muslims rivalry.

It also builds a rivalry between Thirunavukarasu (Thiru) and Shamsusdin (Shamsu). Vishnu Vishal portrays the character of Thiru as Hindu, while Vikranth portrays the role of Shamsu as Muslim.

In a moment of passion, Thiru injures the right hand of Shamsu during a cricket match. As a result, this ignited a confrontation between Hindus and Muslims in Murrabad. However, the second part of the film picks up the pace with the powerful performance of Rajinikanth as Moideen Bhai.

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