Liberals to hold auto theft summit amid stolen cars rise sent abroad

Liberals to hold auto theft summit

Liberals to hold auto theft summit amid stolen cars rise sent abroad

The federal Liberals have to hold a national summit on auto theft due to the rise in stolen cars sent abroad. It brings provinces and industry executives together to address the growing problem of stolen cars exported abroad.

The announcement comes as car theft has become a growing problem in Canada. Because the cases of cars disappearing from driveways and street corners are in record numbers.

The Liberals government says an increase in stolen cars has forced them to hold an auto theft summit on February 8. The purpose is to prevent organized crime from profiting from stolen vehicles on Canadian streets. However, Public Safety Minister Dominic LeBlanc announced a national summit to tackle auto theft.

According to LeBlanc, the parked cars don’t become the targets. But those with drivers also became targets. One of the issues they all have is that it is becoming a violent crime. People are attacked while stealing vehicles.

Furthermore, LeBlanc said they believe the summit is an essential opportunity for them to collaborate with partners across the country. It allows them to take action to address an issue that is growing increasingly prevalent in every corner of the country.

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However, Industry figures show that several car thefts in Quebec and Ontario rose by half between 2021 and 2022. This is what the Liberals use to support their case. According to authorities in the Greater Toronto Area, carjackings have doubled and increased by 300 percent since 2015.

The Canadian government believes gangs steal cars. They collaborate with organized crime groups to transport them to the Middle East and Africa. They also use them to commit crimes in Canada before destroying them.

Despite this, the government has effective anti-theft laws and tracking mechanisms to prevent stolen vehicles from being transferred into shipping containers.

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