Educational institutes closed in Islamabad by terrorist attack threat

Educational institutes closed in Islamabad

Educational institutes closed in Islamabad by terrorist attack threat

The government has closed the educational institutes, including Bahria and Air universities in Islamabad, owing to terrorist attack threats. The decision comes after a threat alert regarding a possible terror strike by banned organizations.

According to sources, the banned terrorist organization planned to carry out many terror strikes against educational institutes in Islamabad, mainly schools and universities.

Threat alert mentioned that female suicide bombers associated with the banned organization planned to carry out the terror attacks between Jan 22 and Jan 24. Hence, authorities have closed down the educational institutes in Islamabad.

In this regard, the educational institutes administration has issued notice to close Bahria, Air, and National Defence Universities for indefinite days to avoid any uncontrolled situation.

The students received notice from the administration about the closure of the educational institution in a late-night message. The unexpected closure has caused a delay in the final exams of university students.

However, authorities are asking parents and kids to stay updated through official sources of institutes regarding the reopening of schools.

Khyber District Terror Attack: Police and soldiers killed

Although electoral rallies and public meetings in the federal capital are warned to proceed cautiously. Meanwhile, police officers claimed in a statement that the security arrangements in the capital of Islamabad are solid.

Authorities in Islamabad have placed the city on high alert due to an increase in security. They are conducting search operations to prevent terror attacks. The search areas include Redzone, Margalla Road, Sector E Seven, and E-9.

The search operation is part of large security measures. Hence, law and order enforcement agencies have taken to counter any new threats actively. However, the details of the threat are kept secret. Security services are on high alert to respond quickly to threats and take the required steps to protect the capital city of Pakistan.

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