Canada withdraws 41 diplomats from India

Canada withdraws 41 diplomats from India

Canada withdraws 41 diplomats from India

Canada withdraws its 41 diplomats from India over the killing of Sikh activist Hardeep Singh Nijjar in Vancouver. The bilateral tension between both countries has escalated in the past month.

Canada has made the decision to pull out its diplomats after the Indian Government said it would revoke its diplomatic immunity.

Canada withdraws 41 diplomats from India

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Canadian FM accuses India of violating International law

Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly accuses India of breaching international law with its move to revoke diplomatic immunity. She said the threat of New Delhi to revoke its diplomatic immunity is “unprecedented” and violated international law.

Joly confirmed the decision of the Canadian Government regarding the withdrawal of Canadian diplomats from India amidst security concerns today during a press conference. She announced that they had facilitated the safe departure of their diplomats based on the implications of India’s actions.

Joly expressed the perspective that Canada would continue to defend international law and engage with India. She remarked if Canada allowed the norm of broken diplomatic immunity, no diplomats anywhere on the planet would be safe. So, they will not reciprocate for this reason. She added they need diplomats on the ground more than ever and they need to talk to one another.

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External Ministry Affairs of India previously called for a reduction in the number of Canadian diplomats from India saying they outnumbered Indian staff in Canada. After the withdrawal of 41 Canadian diplomats behind twenty-one diplomats in India.

Canada and India have been at odds since Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused Indian Intelligence services of involvement in the killing of a Canadian citizen, Hardeep Singh Nirja. Nirja was actively leading the Sikh separatist movement “Khalistan” in northern India.

While Indian Government has strongly denied its involvement in the murder of Nirja. Indian authorities wanted him for alleged terrorism offenses before his murder. India has accused Canada of being a hub for extremism and anti-India activities.

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