Vin Diesel accused of sexual assault by ex-assistant Asta Jonasson

Vin Diesel accused of sexual assault by ex-assistant Asta Jonasson

Vin Diesel accused of sexual assault by ex-assistant Asta Jonasson

Ex-assistant Asta Jonasson of famous actor Vin Diesel accused him of sexual assault in a lawsuit filed on December 21, 2023. The lawsuit dates back to 2010 in an Atlanta hotel during the filming of Furious Five when Vin assaulted Asta.

However, Vin has strongly denied the allegations of sexual assault by her former assistant Asta. The lawyer of Vin stated in a statement let him be very clear. Vin Diesel categorically denies this claim in its entirety.

Vin’s lawyer said this is the first time Vin has heard of this more than 13-year-old claim made by a supposedly nine-day employee. There is abundant information that refutes these outrageous allegations.

Asta Jonasson is suing Vin Diesel and his sister

Asta has not only accused Vin Diesel of sexual assault but has also filed a lawsuit to sue him, his production company, and his sister Samantha Vincent who serves as the president of One Race Productions.

Her lawsuit demanded Vin’s sue for gender-based discrimination, hostile work environment, retaliation, and wrongful termination. Claire Lise Kutlay is the lawyer of Asta. According to Claire, the lawsuit wants to make Diesel and those who allowed and covered up his assault accountable for their terrible actions.

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According to a lawsuit, Asta had previously worked for production companies and ultra-high-net-worth actors. So, she was hired as an assistant of Vin Diesel by One Race in September 2010.

Asta promptly flew to Atlanta to work on the Fast Five work. She prepared parties and catered to the demands of Vin. It included sticking near to him so he had cover when attending parties without his fiancee in case he was seen with other women.

Asta claimed in a lawsuit that one day she went to Vin’s room to tell him about work at St Regis Atlanta hotel. He was naked and forcibly hugged her. He molested her body and sexually assaulted her. While she was concerned about her safety and employment.

According to Asta Jonasson, this lawsuit comes just days after an unknown One Race supervisor made sexual advances to Asta. Soon, she decided to file a lawsuit against Vin and his production company One Race.

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