KPK employees undergo ethics trial in Extortion Case

KPK employees undergo ethics trial

KPK employees undergo ethics trial in Extortion Case

The Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission KPK employees undergo an ethics trial in the extortion case. KPK stands for Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi.

The supervisory board of the KPK council conducted an ethical trial against several KPK employees. Hence, they accused employees of illegal levies at the KPK Detention Center.

A member of the KPK council named Syamsuddin Haris stated that each case file could involve up to fifteen individuals in an ethical trial. According to the KPK council, they have nine files for extortion cases found in the KPK center.

Six of nine files cover ninety people, and the other three cover one KPK employee each. However, every suspected offender has case files organized by the crimes based on accusations.

Earlier, Albertina Ho, a member of the KPK Dewas, put allegations of illegal levies at the KPK Detention Center in a press statement on the 2023 KPK Dewas performance report.

According to the Corruption Eradication Council, KPK officers who allegedly received illegal taxes were in varying amounts. KPK employees received illegal taxes ranging from 1 million to 504 million Indonesian rupees. In short, the amount reached a total of IDR 6.1 billion. Illegal levies at the KPK Detention Center are thought to have been going on since 2021.

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Meanwhile, ninety-three KPK employees undergo an ethics trial on Jan 17 due to the alleged adult extortion case against them.

The development comes after Indonesian Corruption Watch (ICW) asked the KPK council to speed up the trial process of KPK employees on Jan 14, 2024. ICW also instructed the council to improvise their internal employee supervision after the alleged extortion case.

However, ICW researcher Kurnia Ramadhan said the act of buying and selling facilities allegedly happened in the KPK detention center is not a new method. It often occurs in detention centers or other correctional institutions. Kurnia emphasized building a monitoring system to stop corrupt practices.

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