IndiGo pilot refused to fly after news of his grandmother’s death

IndiGo pilot refused to fly

IndiGo pilot refused to fly after news of his grandmother’s death

A pilot of Indian Airline IndiGo flight (6E-126) refused to fly the airplane with 162 passengers on board after getting the news of his grandmother’s death. The pilot left the parking space to prepare for takeoff when he got to know about the death news.

According to airline sources, the IndiGo flight was already delayed by more than three hours on Jan 17, 2023, due to fog and poor visibility. Recently, an IndiGo flight delay came when the pilot refused to fly.

According to an airport source, the devastated pilot canceled the trip because he was not in the proper mental state to fly. So, he returned the flight to the parking area.

The pilot went in shock because of the sudden death of his grandmother. The plane had to depart from Jay Prakash Narayan International Airport of Patna at 1.25 p.m. However, the flight ultimately took off at 4.41 p.m. after 3 hours.

Times Now claimed the IndiGo team told them the pilot received the news of the sudden death of his grandmother. Afterward, IndiGo arranged an alternative airstaff to accommodate passengers. The crew served refreshments to the passengers during the delay time. IndiGo also expressed apologies to offended passengers for the flight delay.

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Another IndiGo flight (6E-195) from Goa to Delhi was delayed earlier this week. It had to depart at 9:15 a.m. But it took off in the evening and landed in Mumbai at 5:12 a.m. on Jan 15, 2024.

This delay happened for ten hours due to fog density. However, an offended passenger punched a piolet regarding flight delay.

Meanwhile, the other passengers decided to take a rest during the delay time. They seemed to have food while sitting on the ground next to the IndiGo plane. Some of them appeared lying down on the ground.

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